Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather

In not too many hours, you'll be turning 28! WOW! Almost 30. Remember how we used to think 30 was sooo old! and you're almost there.

Heather, you are the one person in my life that I could always count on. If I wanted someone to tell me wanted to hear, I'd always call you. lol I'm not sure how I would have made through college without our daily phone calls. Do you remember the first birthday card you and Warren sent me? I thought you had signed his name, but no he just has handwriting that looks like yours.

As we have grown, I've come to see how much I truly loved you. I know that we didn't always get along or even see things the same boring THAT would have been; yet nothing could ever really tear us apart.

As, I sit here and think about you I know that you are in a better place. A place where things of this earthly life can't hurt you anymore. I know that you are watching over me, wishing you could help in some way. I know that there's a reason why you're gone. Maybe there were sick people that needed a chipper, fun-loving nurse to make them smile, as only you could do. I hope they know how lucky they are to have you with them.

I know that as we celebrate your birthday tomorrow you will be with us. And in two weeks you'll be with them when my birthday comes around...since your birthday always came first. lol

I want to tell you my top 10 things/memories about you! =D
10) I love how caring you are. You have this ability to care for people beyond expectations.
9) You taught me so many getting our nails done and going to the tanning bed. :)
8) You were always there for me...every heartbreak, every bad day...all I had to do was call and you were there.
7) Remember Christmas of 2008 when we had our 'family photos' taken haha and later that day Warren took me fishing? I love watching the video and hearing you and Emry.
6) Who else would have taught me, exactly how far apart we are... 4 years, 2 weeks 15 hours and 47 minutes =D If anybody is wondering.
5) You are such a princess! I see crowns or Disney Princesses and I immediately think of you.
4) We Huey girls can switch teams...We started out as Vols game; Became Gator Fans because it annoyed Daddy to no end; You became an Alabama fan when you married Warren; I might have switched back to being a Vols fan. lol
3) Your love for Coke and sometimes Dr. Pepper. Don't worry, I still love both equally. And yes, I can still tell the difference between Cokes from different places =)
2) Bama and Daisy and how you wanted to get another dog so you could call her Ally....Ally-Bama-Daisy
1) I love you being my big sister. I loved knowing that whatever I would go through in life, you'd be by my side. You'd help me make those big decisions and you'd be able to give me advice that only a big sister can give.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave those for another day. I want you to know how much I love and cherish you. I hate that you aren't here, I miss you so much. I keep thinking that one day I'm gonna wake up from this bad dream and you won't be gone. But I know, you're where you need to be and I need to make sure I can be there with you too, one day. Make sure you save me a seat, we have lots of catch up on! I love you!! Please don't ever forget that.

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