Thursday, December 9, 2010

"You Get That"

Once there were two girls named Bekah and Rachel. Bekah was the aunt and Rachel was just the wonderful friend from Tennessee =D One day, Bekah and Rachel decided to baby-sit the nieces and nephews of Aunt Bekah's in Utah for 2 whole weeks. And that's exactly what they did! It was hard but they loooved it! While they were together, they played house, cooked and cleaned, took the kids to school and activities. But their favorite time of the day was when the two girls would take Marky and Jamey to the store!! They always had lots of fun shopping at the mall or at Wal Mart, since Wal Mart is everybody's favorite place to go. They also LOOVEED going to McDonald's and getting Happy Meals.

It was really hard watching 5 kids for two weeks, but Aunt Bekah and Rachel learned that when you have a great helper (or set in spouse) it's not so bad.=D

If you're wondering where the title "You Get That" comes from....this is where. Marky (who is kinda my favorite but don't tell!) said it to me one day. He had asked me something and I said no. After walking away, I tripped over some toys and the wonderful, too cute Marky said, "You Get that Rachel! You Get that!". Kate, who was a LIFFFEEESAVER! for me and Bekah those two weeks, just happened to be over at the house when Marky told me that. Thus, the saying stuck.

So if something ever happens to somebody because they deserved it, just tell them , "You Get that! You Get That!" in your best 3 year voice of course

Monday, December 6, 2010

My First Blog Post

Basically, I'm starting a blog because some friends of mine have them and it looked like fun.....? That was until I tried to format my blog. Luckily I have amazing friends, Kate, who knows what I'm thinking and was able to help me, create rather, my blog =D

I hope you Enjoy my blog and maybe I'll enjoy it too =D